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For de engelsk-kyndige....

Livets lyse side Har du en suksesshistorie, nådd et delmål, gått ned et kilo eller to? Føler du for å dele suksess og glede, så er dette stedet.

Del denne siden:

Gammel 15-04-04, 17:55   #1
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For de engelsk-kyndige....

Min kjære forum-medsøster Jaz har noen fantastiske journal notater. Vil dele med dere noe hun skrev i fjor engang, - da hun var ny på Atkins og lavkarbo. Hun holder forøvrig på enda, men har gått over til The Zone. Har også sverget på å aldri aldri mer veie seg.......og TOM er "time of month" - et penere ord for mens... (har fått lov av henne å gjengi dette...)

Opprinnelig lagt inn av Jaz Jungle Journal

So the whole exercise thing, but! before that...I did a little experiment today! (never leave a chick at home alone with an entire box of ketostix and some Atkins bars) (or else she is going to get an "idea" ) Three discarded ideas later, I've discovered that AFTER eating an ATKINS CHOCO DECADENCE BAR one's ketostix, previously registering a nice dark purple, fades to merely that color which I think in the 80's was called "dusty rose"

So there, hard science for my otherwise liberal arts mind: ATKINS BARS: BAD for ketostix. Now, whether or not this has anything to do with weight loss, healthy eating, the sudden dissipation of Isabel over the E.C. or the likelihood of Danielle Steele writing another novel is beyond the scope of this journal. I'm paddling around, here, trying to stay on topic.

TOM is still just hovering over left shoulder in a very annoying non-committal way. This must be why it is given a man's name.

Exercising: I'm trying very hard to get my butt out there five days a week. But it's very difficult. Very very very difficult. Like pulling teeth. The goose problem is not helping any. But nobody held a gun to my head and said: You must quit smoking and gain 30 pounds the very same year you are going to get married AND have your 20th H.S. reunion.
Come to think about it somebody should have held a gun to my head!

The food thing: Just not very interested in the food thing today: Maybe due to:

Atkins Bar (purely for empirical evidence's sake)
tea* (read note on tea below) (worried about the tea, which goes to show--that with a writing deadline fast approaching--I obviously do NOT have enough to worry about!) with cream

two spoonfuls of chicken salad from last night: chicken/avocado/mayo

hmmm: it's two o'clock and I have only worked about twenty minutes all day on my writing project, decided to instead: go into the forum war zone and read old arguments.
dumb, jasmine dumb!

There is definitely a point when procrastination should be considered a disease.

oh yeh: footnote: today the cat ran away from me when I bent over to pet her, I'm convinced that my god awful breath has finally surpassed the stinkiness of Fancy Feast Mackrel and Shipwreck Victims in Aspic.
What a horrible, sad day for me.

TEA QUESTION: Why doesn't Atkins allow tea with barley in it during Induction? I just discovered that my favorite tea, Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma has not only Roasted Barley, but also: Roasted barley malt, roasted chicory root, roasted carob, cinamon, allspice and star anise. I know, I know, sounds like it should be made into a beer and served at Toronado. But, it has no carbs listed on the side so what's up with that?

will try to eat a side of beef with hollandaise sauce tonight for dinner, I SWEAR it.

Life is short ~ break the rules ~ forgive quickly ~ kiss slowly ~ love truly ~ laugh uncontrollably ~and never regret anything that made you smile
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